Product Mapping

Product Mapping

Product mapping allows you to map existing products in the destination store to the products found in the source store without making a copy. This is useful if the products that you need to sync are already on both the source and destination stores.

There are several reasons why correct product mapping is important for sync to work:

  • Duplicate products are not created for the products that are already present in the destination store and correctly mapped to the source store product.
  • It will ensure product & inventory changes are synced correctly

[Note: To control which product attributes to sync refer to the settings tab and customize accordingly]

Important information to create a mapping:

In order for the app to successfully map products, the following criterion must be followed:

  • Corresponding SKUs must match between source product and destination product
  • SKUs should be unique for each variant
  • Each variant in source and destination product must have non-empty SKUs assigned to them
  • The number of variants must match between the source product and the destination product

[Note: The mapping feature can be accessed only through the app installed at the destination store]

Steps to follow to map products in Bulk:

  1. Choose the source store you want to map products from.
  2. Visit the product mapping tab to avoid unwanted sync to your shop or to select your own customization.
  3. Now, to bulk map existing products across two stores, Run the Bulk Mapper action as shown below. If the app finds a successful match for the source product, the "Destination Product" column value will change to "Mapped" with a link to the corresponding product page in your Shopify admin panel.

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