About Product Sync

To enable this feature make sure to establish a connection between Source and Destination Stores. The basic working of product sync is that product changes will flow from the source store to the destination store.

Destination stores can access most of the product sync features. However, the Source Store have access to connection and attributes they want to share with their destination stores. To make sure that Store Sync is syncing changes from source product to destination product, you should verify that the "Sync Enabled" property must be set to "Yes".

You can go to the product mapping tab to decide which products you want to sync from the source store. You can choose from the following options:

  • All products: All products in the source store will get synced to the destination store.
  • Products in specific collections: All products that are present in specific collections at the source store will get synced to the destination store.
  • Manually pick products from the list: You can manually choose products from the list of source store products to be synced to the destination store.

Apart from manual Inventory adjustments and orders received at the source store side, there are many conditions that can trigger an automated product adjustment for the destination stores:

  • Updating a product attribute on the source store (for example: updating the description, adding or deleting an image, etc).
  • Shopify order edits that can trigger an update on the product's page for example: when a refund is made for an order.
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